14 APRIL 2019




  1. CWF envelopes are being distributed. Every working member of the family needs to contribute. Kindly put your contribution in the box.
  2. Healing and deliverance 0n Tuesday 16th April after the 7pm mass. All are invited.
  3. There will be a meeting of the ushers on Sunday 14th April, after the mass.
  4. Please drop the Lenten and Holy week Services envelopes in the CWF box at your earliest.
  5. The cleaning of the church will be done by Shivaji Nagar & D’Souza wadi on Sunday 14th April after the Mass. Requesting the respective community members to come and help in the cleaning of the Church.
  6. Masses for the month of May will be booked from Tuesday 23rd April onwards. Please note in the month of May there will be only one mass in the evening at 7pm. On Sundays, no Konkani Mass. English masses morning at 8.30am and evening at 5.30pm. No Malayalam & Tamil Mass in the month of May.
  7. Maundy Thursday – 18th April, there will be a mass for the sick and aged at 5pm in the Church. The solemn Mass will be at 7pm. followed by adoration: Malayalam: 9pm, Tamil 9.30pm, Konkani: 10pm and English 10.30pm.
  8. On Good Friday, 19th April, the service of Lord’s Passion in the evening at 6pm. Morning way of the cross: 7am to 7.45am: Konkani, 7.45am to 8.30am: Malayalam, 8.30am t0 9.15am: Tamil and 9.15am to 12.15pm: Three hour agony followed by Divine Mercy Novena.
  9. On Holy Saturday, 20th April Easter Vigil will be at 8pm and not at 9pm as announced earlier. Kindly carry a candle along with you.
  10. On Easter Sunday, 21st April, there will be only one Mass at 9am. No evening mass.
  11. Divine Mercy Novena on Easter Sunday will be after the Mass and other week days at 3pm.
  12. On Maundy Thursday, liturgy will be conducted by Shree Nagar. Good Friday: Kisan Nagar -3 & Padwal Nagar and Holy Saturday by LBS Marg and Easter Sunday by Extra ordinary ministers.
  13. St. Andrew’s Educational Foundation, Bandra provides three year Degree in Hospitality and one year Hotel Management & Catering Technology. For details, refer the notice board.
Fr. Nelson Machado
Parish Priest
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